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10 Absolute Must-Have’s for Your Desk

Whether Working from Home or On-Site

I know that many companies have been working from home. Some due to the pandemic, others had already been working from home for some time now & then there are my fellow entrepreneurs. I’m sure you’ve realized that there are some much-needed items that you can’t go without. In this article, 10 Absolute Must-Haves for Your Desk, I list for you the ones you can’t do without, whether working from Home or On-Site.

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10 Absolute Must-Have’s for Your Desk

1- Organizer

One of the very first things I quickly realized is that I needed more organization. With the number of pens, notepads & paperclips that you use, you’re sure to have a mess.  You’ll also need a paper organizer of some sort to keep your important paperwork neat and organized.


10 Absolute Must-Have's for Your Desk

2- Sticky-Notes

Next is my favorite, sticky notes! They’re so practical for quick small reminders. I actually use them for positive quotes! Sticky notes come in so many different sizes, shapes & colors so, however you use them, you’ll find one to fit your needs.

3- Calendar

Having a calendar to write down important meetings or appointments is important too. Not to mention, taking time out for self-care. Make sure to put that on your calendar! 

10 Absolute Must-Have's for Your Desk

10 Absolute Must-Have’s for Your Desk

4- Tissue Box

Get a tissue box, trust me. I know you’re thinking, “obviously” right? Well, I thought I wouldn’t use them until I had to get up a thousand times just to grab a tissue. So make sure you have a box at all times and a small trash can to go with it too.

10 Absolute Must-Have's for Your Desk

5- Water/Snacks

Stock up on a few snacks and plenty of water, you’ll thank me for this. Nothing worse than being hungry but too busy to go get a snack.

6- Sweater

Raise your hand if your love a comfy, warm sweater. I know I do & I literally cannot work when I’m cold. Which lately, has been all the time. I love sweaters like the one pictured below. It’s stylish, warm & comes in different colors so you can dress it up or down.

7- Electronics Charger

Nowadays with all of the technology, you’ll absolutely need a charger or two.

The last thing you need is to miss an important call or for your meeting to be interrupted by a dead battery. Let’s not talk about a good playlist cut short!

10 Absolute Must-Have's for Your Desk

8- Hand Sanitizer/Lotion

Having some hand sanitizer and lotion for dry hands in the middle of cold weather and a pandemic wouldn’t hurt either.


9- Feminine Products

This one is for my moms who work outside of the home. We are women, we get our periods, make sure you’re prepared for it.

Keep a stash of all of your feminine products in a little purse in your drawer or in your purse (if you carry your purse everywhere). 

10- Earbuds

Last but not least, earbuds &  headphones. Depending on what you do, you’ll need these if you use your cell phone to make business calls or to listen to your favorite playlist. It helps dissolve some of that background noise too.

10 Absolute Must-Have's for Your Desk

10 Absolute Must-Have’s for Your Desk

Ok, so those are my favorite go-to’s to keep at my desk. Once covid starts to dissipate, I will work between home & at the office but until then, I’m working from home daily. I’m a Licensed Insurance Rep. at a well-known insurance company. I also work from home running my small business as a Mom Blogger and Pinterest Manager, so these items definitely come in handy!

Feel free to comment with any thoughts or if you have any questions!

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