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10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

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In “10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids, I will list for you just a few of many different outdoor activities for kids of all ages.

With the changes that Covid-19 brought, a lot of us don’t get as much fresh air or exercise from the outdoors as we should.

I put together just a few activities for all ages, feel free to tweak them to your liking.

Hopefully, this will be a good guide to creative outdoor time for the kids and you as well.

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10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

1- Nature Walk

Rock collecting can be a fun way to spend time outdoors and incorporate a little science too.

You don’t have to stop at that, you can paint them too.

It serves as a good way to get in a little exercise and do something creative while learning about the different types of rocks.

Collecting different kinds of leaves is also a fun & interesting way to get outside and get fresh air.

That can also be a part of their assignment for Science class or gym for walking.

You would be surprised how many different rocks, leaves, plants even flowers are out there.

Easy A for science if you ask me!

10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

2- Have Lunch Outside

I know that this isn’t actually an activity that includes exercise.

However, we also need fresh air, healthy doses of sun & laughter!

Take their lunch outside whenever the weather permits it.

Whenever you need just a quick break and maybe a snack, do that outside as well.

I always re-energize after a quick break outside.

You change the scenery for them so they don’t get too bored.

10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

3- Play Hopscotch

This is an oldie but goodie that I’m sure kids nowadays aren’t even familiar with.

Hopscotch is so much fun, there’s a little bit of exercise involved and counting, kind of.

My kids are a bit older but they usually like doing stuff that I did as a kid.

First off, because they make fun of me and the “old days!”

After a few minutes though, they actually like it and it’s a good laugh.

It gives us time to connect with my childhood, and just have good old fashion plain fun.

10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

4- Color or Paint Outside

The fourth activity is to color or paint but outside.

I love to do both, I’m not good at it by any means but hey, it’s a stress reliever.

If you don’t have any sort of table outside, maybe throw a blanket with some pillows down & just get creative.

Kids of all ages love to color and what better way to do something together and be creative.

10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

5- Race

The fifth activity is to race each other.

You can have relay running races

Another way to race is with your skates, bike, or a sack.

If you don’t have anywhere to race with skates or a bike a potato sack or huge pillowcase, maybe a bag.

Just be careful, the goal is to have fun not get hurt.

10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

6- Bike Ride

A bike ride is a great way to incorporate exercise and still enjoy yourself outside.

You can race each other or just go on a bike ride together in your neighborhood or local trail.

Maybe some of your friends who live close can meet up with you to go on the bike ride together.

This can be used in place of a gym assignment as an exercise.

7- Have a Scavenger Hunt

A quick scavenger hunt is a really fun way to get the kids outside for some outdoor fun.

Make up a small hunt, nothing too difficult, you want it to be fun.

Then go on the scavenger hunt together or every man for themselves.

Whoever gets to the end first wins a small prize.

8- Gardening

Next up we have gardening!

I don’t garden myself, I have no luck keeping anything alive but I love flowers.

For those of you who do, get the kids out there to help you.

Most kids love playing in the dirt, with bugs and yucky stuff.

They would love to be a part of your gardening “team.”

They love to play with water too, so get ready for a splash of fun & garden your little hearts away.

9- Water Play

Speaking of water, another good activity is water play with water balloons.

Fill up a bunch of balloons with water and have a blast.

It’s not every day that you get to throw water at someone a not get in trouble for it.

Play hot potato but with the water balloons or a simpler version of dodge ball.

10- Play Any Game with a Ball.

Last up, we have ball games.

Any ball will do, like kickball or softball.

 You can play baseball, softball, or basketball as well.

Just make sure to make it fun and moms can join too!

10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

As a mom of 3, I know that getting kids outside can be impossible.

Especially with all of the different electronics nowadays.

Even so, they still need all of the fresh air, sun & exercise possible to keep them healthy & happy.

The activities I mentioned in this list can be adjusted as needed depending on the age & individual needs of each child.

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10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

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10 Easy Outdoor Activities for Homeschooled Kids

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