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11 Ways to Be a Calm Mom

11 Tips to Be a Calm & Happier Mom

Today I want to take things a little bit of a different route with, “11 Tips to Be a Calm & Happier Mom.” I have been going through a serious roller coaster with my emotions.

Everything from the Covid-19 pandemic to the basic human rights being denied to fellow black citizens and in between.

I’ve realized that while I do my part to make real change in this world, it’s not a magic wand.

It’s hard to see your children becoming depressed with all of the changes that the pandemic brought with it.

Turning on the news or radio is also a risky task, it’s heartbreaking and it’s spiraled me into a deeper depression.

With that, comes mood swings and just a ton of emotions that you just can’t contain.

So, I’ve come to realize that I have to do something to help me be a calmer and happier mom/person.

Keep reading to learn more.

Feel free to try any of my personal, non-professional tips, to help you stay calm in the middle of this storm called life.

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11 Tips to Be a Calm & Happier Mom

1- Music

Ahh, this is probably my favorite one of all, music!

Being the passionate and usually happy Latina that I am, music is a must in my household.

Crank up that music, whatever genre gets you in a happy mood & sing, dance, or both!

I absolutely love to sing and dance it is my biggest passion even more than writing.

Let the kids join in on the party too, everybody sing & dance those blues away.

Music always helps you go from angry mom to calmer, happier mom.

11 Ways to Be a Calm Mom

2- Stop & Breathe Before You Have a Complete Melt-Down

Trust me I get it, sometimes dealing with our children (of any age) can wear your patience thin.

I tend to explode sometimes and end up locked in the bathroom in silent tears, as many of you can probably relate. lol

Make it a habit to literally STOP & BREATHE, heck count to 100 if you have to.

Honestly, these are our kids, our family, don’t let a moment of frustration ruin the way your children feel about themselves as a person or you as their mom.

Some words can’t be taken back & can really hurt.

It can affect them & you forever, so definitely take a step back before you “lose it.”

Taking a moment to breathe will help you stay calm and dodge being frustrated & yelling all the time.

11 Ways to Be a Calm Mom

3- Pick Your Battles

Listen, this one took me some time to learn, but after a few good tantrums from my toddler, at the time, I changed my mind real quick!

You have to figure out if certain things are really worth getting upset about.

For instance, will little Timmy really ruin his whole existence if he doesn’t eat every last vegetable on his plate, EVERY SINGLE TIME?

Absolutely not! So don’t always go ballistic every time your little one wants something or doesn’t want something, that truly isn’t detrimental to their existence.

Let them go to school with a certain hairstyle or tutu, who cares!

Pick peace over chaos any time you see fit.

You’re the parent and you want to be a calm one.

11 Ways to Be a Calm Mom

4- Sleep

Yup, I said it, sleep. You’re body and your family will thank you, trust me.

I am well aware that being a mom means no sleep but you have to find a way to rest.

Nap when they nap & whenever you can.

Ask for help from your family & loved ones that you trust, it’s ok to ask for help.

I’ve never met a happy calm human who NEVER sleeps.

Get your rest!

11 Ways to Be a Calm Mom

5- Have a Rules/Chore Board

Let’s face it, kids need routine and there’s no way around it.

Again, rules aren’t set in stone but we still need them right?

Put up a poster board with the rules written out & also one for chores depending on the age of each child, where they can see it clearly.

Try to stick to them but remember #3 above, pick your battles whenever you can.

Make up a reward for them as an incentive.

This creates organization and routine for them thus removing stress, making you a happier, calmer mom.

6- Take Interest in the Things They Like

It sounds difficult but it really isn’t & it’s so worth it.

I have always made it clear to my kids that they can always come to me no matter what but for them to do that, you have to be open & have a real connection with them.

Try to show interest in at least one of their hobbies and spend time with them partaking in it.

Whether it’s a certain topic of discussion, a genre of music, certain genres of movies.

There are so many things that they might be interested in such as dance, environmental topics, volunteering, a subject in school, selfie, memes and so much more.

They’ll see that you have something in common & that you’re interested & you can relate to each other, even if it’s with just one hobby/interest.

That’ll remove some of the tension that sometimes comes with parenting, especially teenagers.

Leaving you to be a calmer, happier mom with fewer meltdowns from the kids.

7- Avoid Burnout, Learn When to Take a Break

As moms, we tend to run and run until we realize we’re running on empty, literally.

We have to start realizing that we’re not superwomen even though we’re superwomen. lol

Always set out time to take a break and practice self-care, again, the kids will thank you for it.

We need to eat, sleep, use the bathroom, shower & a lot more.

So why don’t we do it? Why do we as women always push ourselves to the extreme?

I know, it’s mostly society but it’s also us, were amazing, I mean that’s the bottom line.

Ladies, if you want to keep being amazing, then avoid burning out, seriously.

11 Tips to Be a Calm & Happier Mom

8- Spiritual Connection

This can be a number of things or all combined.

You can meditate, pray, daily affirmations, journal, do yoga, listen to your fave podcast, or a combination of all of these and so much more every morning or at different times of the day.

Whatever your beliefs are and what works for you personally. We all need balance in our lives, everyone achieves that differently ad that’s ok.

It’s good to start the day early and on a positive note.

That makes for a calm day leading to a calm, happy mom.

9- Wake-up Early & Have a Daily Schedule

I was having a really hard time waking up early since I work from home with kids.

I learned real quick that the early bird definitely does get the worm.

I set my alarm, get up, immediately pray, actually it’s a combination of prayer & conversation with God.

I’m not a religious person at all but I am very spiritual and do believe in God, Karma & just being a humble, grateful & kind person.

I finish my daily prayer and shower, get dressed (somewhat usually lounge pants lol) have my coffee, a bite to eat & start a load of clothes to wash.

If the laundry is already done, then I straighten up the house and start my day of a million things to do.

Every day is a little different except the getting up early part, which stays the same.

I would recommend having a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, whichever works for you.

Make sure you have a plan to follow to keep you ORGANIZED, it really helps. 

Do not overbook your days!

You don’t have to stick to it 100% but at least it’s a guide to help you stay within the lines of sanity, keeping you calm & happy.

10- Excercise

I know a lot of us don’t have the time or even want to but it’s necessary.

We have to be healthy, to feel good on the inside & be able to shine happiness on the outside.

Get those happy endorphins flowing and get some exercise, you’ll feel better.

Now obviously it can be as simple as taking a leisurely walk, dancing, bike riding, indoor cycling but just get your body moving.

The kids can be a part of that too, get them moving and off those screens, take a walk & get some fresh air!

It’ll serve as a time to talk, laugh & just spend quality time together as well.

Always consult with your doctor before adding or changing any exercise routine of course.

11 Tips to Be a Calm & Happier Mom

11- Stop Overthinking

This is next to impossible for moms and women in general.

I personally am struggling with this because I’m a perfectionist & I think I have a touch of OCD, aside from my depression & anxiety.

However, I am working on it one day at a time.

I ask myself a few questions that help me calm down & prioritize my thoughts.

  • Can I fix it right now?
  • Can I change the past or what happened?
  • Can I control the future?
  • Do I absolutely need to do this right this instant or can it wait until morning?
  • Can I control other people and their actions?
  • Is this really that serious/important? (the vegetable/tutu example from above #3)

Those are the basic questions I ask myself & it usually calms me down immensely.

Definitely try these suggestions to see if it helps you calm down & stop your brain from overheating.

I’m positive that all, if not most of us women are guilty of overthinking, or shall I say, prisoners to.

Bonus Tip!

Just to get a little more into what I mentioned above about schedules and rules and such, organize everything.

I couldn’t let this article close without mentioning organization, or lack thereof.

Do you ever notice than when your home is tidy & organized you feel better but went it’s a little messy & unorganized you can’t even think straight?

If you’re anything like me it annoys you and makes you feel unbalanced. 

I am more than aware of the daily struggles of being a mom when it comes to time-management, kid’s personalities, juggling work, daily chores, etc.

Trust me, as a mom of 3, I’ve failed miserably on many occasions because guess what, I’m human, and so are you but there is something about a clean & tidy house that just makes me feel better.

Heck, I would go as far as putting me in a better mood.

So make sure you try to stay up on the important cleaning, organization is key.

The bathroom and kitchen, toilet cleaning, dishes, countertops, a little dusting, toy clean-up, trash take out, etc. are more of a daily thing.

Things like vacuuming, floors, bedding, cleaning out closets, bathtubs, refrigerators, etc. are to be done as needed, depending on your household.

You don’t have to do it all in one day, we’re moms, some work at actual jobs outside of the house, some work from home but either way, we ALL work AT home, as moms and wives.

Try to stay on top of quick daily clean-ups, so it won’t seem so difficult, and for the love of pearl give yourself some credit, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

11 Tips to Be a Calm & Happier Mom

The Bottom Line…

Being a mom can be difficult but it’s more of a blessing and we should be enjoying all of those little moments & milestones with our kids.

Not angry and yelling all of the time.

Kids can be so much fun & silly, try to find your inner child & have fun!

Take it day by day as I said before, take a deep breath & pat yourself on the back, you’re an amazing mom!

11 Tips to Be a Calm & Happier Mom

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