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3 Tips to Start Your Day Right, When Working from Home

3 Tips to Start Your Day Right, When Working from Home

Avoid Feeling Sluggish & Be More Productive

Today in, “3 Tips to Start Your Day When Working from Home,” I will very briefly give you tips on how to avoid that daily sluggish feeling and be more productive.

When I started working from home, I would get up just in time, about a half-hour before my planned time to start.

I wouldn’t even bother to get dressed, just stay in my pajamas.

Well, I very quickly realized that my days felt long and dragged out for a reason.

I had to make some changes for a more productive and calm day.

Read on to learn more.

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1- Get Up Early

The number one tip is to wake up early.

Trust me you’re going to thank me for this one.

Get up early at “least” an hour and a half or so before your start time.

Make sure you still make time for your daily routine.

When I say this, I mean as far as manifesting, yoga, exercise, prayer, devotionals.

Whatever it is that you like to do in the early morning when you first wake up.

Don’t change that part of your routine because that’s what keeps you balanced.

Waking up early also helps so you can have your breakfast.

The worst thing is to work on an empty stomach.

Get up, get started, and start your day without the stress of rushing.

3 Tips to Start Your Day When Working from Home

2- Get Showered & Dress Up

This is where I confess my embarrassing little secret.

I would wake up and just stay in my pj’s all day.

At first, it was amazing to just be comfortable & unbothered.

Then I would shower before bed or before I stepped out when my workday was done.

Big mistake.

It got old fast and my day quickly went south, like I’m not even kidding.


There’s no better feeling than taking a nice shower, feeling fresh & dressing up for work.

Now when I say “dress up,” I don’t necessarily mean all dazzled up, unless that’s your thing.

What I’m referring to is don’t stay in your pajamas.

You can still wear leggings, or lounge-type joggers but pair it with cute flats and a nice shirt.

As far as your hair a cute messy bun will suffice if you don’t feel like doing your hair that much.

Throw on a little lip gloss too, why not!

Just don’t stay unshowered, unfresh and in pajamas all day.

Put some effort into yourself and your day.

It feels amazing to start the day at your desk and feeling good about yourself.

I’ve always said, “you dress how you feel.”

So dress up, be happy & ready to conquer your day.

3 Tips to Start Your Day When Working from Home

3- Stay Organized & Think Positive

Finally, stay organized and think positive.

This was hard for me at first because I got caught up in the fact that I was home.

There was no structure and I’m my own boss, so nobody was checking on me.

I had to start using a planner to plan my days and stick to it.

Turn off the tv, turn on the radio low & prioritize everything using the planner.

It worked wonders, there’s nothing like having things in order, which leads me to my next suggestion.

Keep your workspace super clean and organized as well.

Nobody can be productive in a cluttered mess.

Lastly, stay positive no matter how bad your day may get and you will have difficult days.

If you keep up with all of the suggestions I just listed, you will 9 times out of 10 have an energetic, productive & positive day.

3 Tips to Start Your Day When Working from Home

3 Tips to Start Your Day When Working from Home

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and suggestions as well, go ahead and comment below.

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