5 Easy Steps to a Pinterest Business Account

Hey, fellow amazing bloggers!! Now that you have your blog set up, its a good idea to have a Pinterest business page!! It’s an amazing FREE tool to drive viewers to your blog/website. Keep reading for 5 easy steps to a Pinterest Business Account. 

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Step #1 to 5 Easy Steps to a Pinterest Business Account is…

1- Convert to a Pinterest Business account


Then below, you will find “5 Steps to Optimize Your New Pinterest Business Account.”

Step #2 to 5 Easy Steps to a Pinterest Business Account is…

2-Figure out your niche

Well done, now that you have your business account set up, it’s time for step 2. It’s really important you know that “deleting,” is highly frowned upon by Pinterest.

I tell you this so that you don’t start creating all kinds of boards, with no real relevance to your business or blog.

First, sit down, and take a moment to really think about WHO you want to help. Is it the mom who loves to DIY everything?

Is it the stay at home mom who is juggling her business & everyday responsibilities of being a mom/wife & needs TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS?

Maybe it’s bloggers who manage a FOOD BLOG.

Whoever that PERSON is and whatever HELP they need is how you’re going to set up your boards.  Go ahead and take the time to figure out your niche.

5 easy steps to a Pinterest Business Account niche

Bonus Tip: Set up your page’s Bio section. The bio is essentially your “I help” statement. It is one of the first things that people see when they visit your new Pinterest business page. You want them to immediately know your name, WHO you help & WHAT service you offer to help them.

It should be clear to them that you offer services, have a blog, or both and that you monetize from it. Make sure your profile pic is a clear picture of you with a clean background. If you need an example, feel free to take a look at my Pinterest page here.

Step #3 to 5 Easy Steps to a Pinterest Business Account is…

3- Make Irrelevant Boards Secret

For those of you who already had a Pinterest PERSONAL page and converted it to a business page, you might need to make some boards secret or archive them.

The only boards, as I mentioned above, that you should have active on your page, should be RELEVANT boards to your NICHE.

So if you’re a food blogger focusing on vegan eating, you SHOULDN’T have a board on there about make-up.

Now go through each of your boards & whatever isn’t relevant, make them secret or archive them but NO DELETING. Also, create new boards that ARE RELEVANT to your niche.

Now with that being said, all of the boards you make secret can still be used by you for pinning personal things.

ONLY YOU will be able to see these boards and it won’t affect your business boards.

If you didn’t already have a Pinterest personal page and started a brand new one, then all you have to do is start creating your boards. Again, make sure they’re niche-specific.  

5 easy steps to a Pinterest Business Account

Step #4 to 5 Easy Steps to a Pinterest Business Account is…

4- Optimize Your Page

Alright, this is when KEYWORDS come into play. They are essential to getting your pins noticed and potential buyers to visit your blog/site. That is what turns viewers into clients.

For example, if your board title is “Work from Home Tips for Moms,” you would use keywords like, time management, tips to work from home, organization tips for work from home moms, how to work from home with kids, so on and so forth.

Use as many keywords as possible, with the most important ones listed first.

Next, pick your featured boards. these are 5 boards that will stay featured on your activity page. PIck the boards you think are more relevant to your ideal client. The boards they seek the most.

You will also want to create board covers & pins that represent your brand. You can do this on Canva.

I gathered a list of all of my favorite tips & tricks on how to use Canva, check it out here.

Your brand is your font, and brand colors, that represent you and as people get to know you, they will recognize and look for you by your brand.

It is important to pick a design that speaks to you. Your brand should represent you, your company & your niche.

Picking colors and fonts that pop is super important!! Everything you do from board titles, keywords, board covers, pins, pinning, etc. is crucial to forming your strategy.

5 easy steps to a Pinterest Business Account

Step #5 to 5 Easy Steps to a Pinterest Business Account is…

5- Start Pinning!

Finally, it’s time to start pinning. You have to be CONSISTENT for Pinterest to work for you.

It takes a lot of time and serious dedication. The basic rule is pin 80/20. 80% should be other people’s pins and 20% should be your created pins.

You will need to enable rich pins if your blog is article, food, or product based.

For a quick step by step guide on how to enable rich pins, visit here.

For your Pinterest account to serve your business well, you must pin consistently every day. Figure out when your viewers are online most and pin at those times.

It takes a lot of practice, trial and error but you’ll get there. It won’t happen overnight, so be patient but once you start, if you want success, you have to continue.

You will find that success!!

I hope this article was of help to you, my name is Mari and I’m a Virtual Assistant specializing in Pinterest Management.

If instead, you decide you need the time for other aspects of your business, especially your family, feel free to contact me!!

I dedicate myself to managing fellow Mom Blogger’s Pinterest accounts. I would love to connect!!

To learn more about Pinterest, click here.

For more work from home & blogging tips visit my blog here.

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  1. I wish I’d had this article when I first started my Pinterest business account. I love how you made the steps clear and easy to understand. Hiding those irrelevant boards is really important for your Pinterest SEO if you convert your old account to a business one.

  2. thanks for this article! currently in the process of creating my third Pinterest account LOL so these are always good reminders of what steps I need to take from the beginning 👍🏻

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