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Blogging is rewarding but sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to lead more viewers to your site. If you find yourself struggling to handle your Pinterest account, you might need to use a tool that helps you schedule out your pins and save you some time. Below, I listed 5 reasons to use Tailwind.

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Reason #1 of 5 Reasons To Use Tailwind- Scheduling

The number one reason, for the 5 reasons to use Tailwind is SAVING TIME.

What if I told you there is a way to schedule pins in advance?

Whether it’s 10 or up to 30 pins. There is, It’s called Tailwind. You can create your pins, take some time out of your day & BULK schedule them in advance.

Then go about your day, focus on other tasks for your business until it’s time to schedule again. No more sitting still in one spot pinning left & right.

Instead, you can work on other aspects of your business or spending time with your family. Sound good so far? 

Picture of a woman at home using Tailwind Scheduling for her Pinterest account. 5 reasons to use Tailwind

Reason #2- Tribes

Tailwind actually offers Tribes. Pinners can join up to 5 for free, after that there’s a fee.

Tribes are very similar to groups but at the same time, slightly different. Different in the sense that, it’s a group of “people” that share each other’s pins.

However, with groups, it’s one big group board. Other Tribe members can/will pin your pins to their boards.

Also, you don’t need to have Tailwind to be able to join and take advantage of the benefits of a Tribe.

You do have to apply to join them & they have rules. In other words, follow their rules or you’ll get kicked out.

Picture of a game piece joining a group 5 reasons to use Tailwind

Reason #3- Highest Audience Engagement Times

You get the benefit of knowing when it’s the best time to pin.

It tracks and suggests what time slots are best to get the highest level of engagement with your audience (ideal client).

It’s also great because it allows us to save pins for when your audience is more active.

Let’s say you live in a different time zone, it wouldn’t matter. This way, you reach more people regardless of where they’re at.

More people equals more link clicks equals more leads. You can’t beat that service.

Picture of a group of people showing Increased Audience Engagement by looking at something on the computer.

Reason #4- Analytics

If you don’t know by now, Pinterest is all about strategy. What better way to create the best strategy for your business then by knowing your stats.

They have their own separate analytics service.

Their analytics is very similar to “other analytics services” but this one is from Tailwind specifically for their users.

It helps you keep track of everything from each individual pin & its audience saves.

Also, audience engagement & link clicks to show how each individual board is ranking, in terms of engagement.

It also informs you of how your profile is doing as well.

With this, you can figure out a targeted strategy that works well for you to gain the best, highest amount of engagement.

Picture of computer screen showing Analytics graph that show increased leads

Reason #5 of 5 Reasons to Use Tailwind-Tailwind Extension

Finally, we have the Tailwind Extension.

This is an awesome tool because the moment you hover over the pin & the extension will pop up, giving you the choice to schedule the pin or not.

If you choose to pin it, hover over the picture, click on the Tailwind extension icon, this will take you right to Tailwind, then pick your time slot, edit & schedule your pin.

Talk about using your time wisely.

Picture of person looking at Tailwind App Extensions

That’s all for today.

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