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5 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

I’ve listed just a few of the many tasks you can outsource, in “5 tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You.” As a business owner, I understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed with a long to-do list.

When I first started working from home, I didn’t have that many clients, thus making it possible to run my business on my own. As my clientele grew, I knew that I would need to hire someone to help out.

Read more below to find out what a VA can do for you.

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Task 1 of 5 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

1- Pinterest Management

Managing your Pinterest account can be time-consuming but having an account is absolutely necessary.

That’s why it is number one on this list.

For beginner Pinterest users, it can take hours to set up your account.

This includes creating your board covers, set up & learn to use Tailwind & research your keywords.

Not to mention creating at least 8-10 pins for every blog post you write, scheduling them out & a lot more.

Hiring a Pinterest Manager saves you hours at a time. It erases the stress of knowing you have to make time to work on your account.

Giving you your time back for other tasks or just spending time with your family.


Task 2 of 5 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

2- Email Management

Many business owners do not have the time to manage their emails so they outsource that part of their business.

It saves them the hassle of having to sit for hours organizing everything from deleting, saving, creating folders for each email & scheduling them out.

Another email task is proofreading and editing.

Most are not comfortable with sending emails because they don’t have the time to sit and properly structure an email.

They also don’t have the time to make sure everything is spelled correctly & has the proper punctuation, etc. 

Think of the time you would be saving.

Task 3 of 5 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

3- Proofreading & Editing

A lot of bloggers hire someone to proofread & edit their blog and social media posts.

They also help proofread/edit many other projects like books, websites for podcasts, advertising, service websites, product websites & more.

Again, they just don’t have the time to sit and make sure their project is picture perfect.

Task 4 of 5 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

4- Copywriting

Website copy can be a challenging task when your busy with a million things to do.

It can make it difficult, sometimes impossible to create new content.

So they decide to hire someone else to handle tasks like social media posts, landing pages, blog posts, about me/ bio, courses, just to name a few.

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Task 5 of 5 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

5-Social Media Management

Finally, let’s talk about social media and how difficult it can be to keep up with it.

Imagine if you had someone to help you with daily posting, social media graphics, engagement & more.

That’s what social media managers do. They take care of all of that for you & more so you don’t have to.


The tasks mentioned above are just several that a Virtual Assistant can do for you but it’s a start to help you work from home with ease.

They all have the same end result, which is to save you time and avoid some of the stress that comes along with running your own business.

For more information or if you’re ready to hire a Pinterest Manager/VA, feel free to contact me.

I’m a Virtual Assistant & I specialize in Pinterest Management.

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