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5 tips to explode your Pinterest traffic

5 Tips to Explode Your Pinterest Traffic

Let me guess, you started a blog and are using Pinterest to get more traffic but you’re only hearing crickets. Being a blogger and a Pinterest Manager, I can relate to both sides easily. That’s why I put together a small list of 5 tips to explode your Pinterest traffic, check it out. 

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Tip #1 of 5 Tips to Explode Your Pinterest Traffic is…

1- Keywords

Before we get started, you need to either convert your personal Pinterest account into a business account or start a brand new Pinterest business account.

To do this, visit this article here where I explain how to start or convert to a Pinterest business account easily.

Now we can start with Tip #1, keywords, tons of keywords. This is how you direct viewers to your pin and they end up visiting your blog.

When a viewer is on Pinterest searching for chicken recipes, they write exactly that, chicken recipes.

Then Pinterest pulls up all of the chicken recipe pins available.

If they narrow it down to “fried chicken recipes,” then it would generate those specific fried chicken recipes, talk about a tongue twister!

Moving forward, when you’re pinning, make sure you really use niched down keywords.

Those are going to get eyes on your pins to then lead them to your website. 

Powerful keywords are what really give a pin the boost it needs to make it to as many viewers as possible.

Without viewers, you won’t get any clicks & those clicks are more important than anything else.

keywords to explode Pinterest traffic

Tip #2 of 5 Tips to Explode Your Pinterest Traffic is…

2- Pin Consistently

Moving on to Tip #2, pin consistently. Pinterest craves consistency. That’s part of how you form a good strategy.

Depending on what niche you’re in, you have to figure out what times of the day & days of the week get the most action.

You can figure that out easier with a scheduling tool called Tailwind, which we will get more in-depth about below. 

In the meantime, find your strategy, & pin constantly.

I always recommend everyone use the 80/20 rule.

Meaning, 80% are other peoples pins and 20% are your own created pins, all of course going to relevant boards.

The more you pin, the more Pinterest rewards you.

It rewards you by showing your pin a lot more frequently than other pinners who aren’t exactly showing up as habitually as you.

consistency to explode Pinterest traffic

Tip #3 of 5 Tips to Explode Your Pinterest Traffic is…

3- Use a Scheduler

For Tip #3, I suggest using a scheduler & highly recommend Tailwind, as previously mentioned above.

Tailwind is approved by Pinterest for scheduling. It is a social media scheduling tool that also permits you to schedule on Pinterest.

You can essentially go on with life without being stuck at your computer pinning all day.

Tailwind also gives you highlights like, Tribes, analytics & more.

It’s definitely worth trying & great for gaining traffic.

They allow you to pin up to 100 pins for free before you have to pick a price plan.

To read more on Tailwind, click here.

Tip #4 of 5 Tips to Explode Your Pinterest Traffic is…

4- Create Fresh Eye-Catching Pins Daily

The #4 Tip is to create fresh eye-catching pins for each blog post.

Pinterest is obsessed with fresh pins so I try to make about 10 pins for each blog post.

Then, I spread them out throughout different days using my favorite scheduling app Tailwind to relevant boards.

I use Canva, it’s my favorite for creating tons of different graphics.

This will get your pins out to as many viewers as possible, giving you tons of traffic. So let your imagination shine & create those pins.

If you’re interested in learning some of my favorite tips & tricks on how to use Canva, check out this article I wrote with you in mind here.

Tip #5 of 5 Tips to Explode Your Pinterest Traffic is…

5- Use Social Media

Finally, tip #5 is, use your social media.

When I create a new blog article/post, I also post it onto my Facebook & Instagram pages.

It’s a lot easier to post it on Facebook because I love the fact that it lets you use a clickable link with your featured image.

I feel its more practical for my followers & it looks more professional in my opinion but Instagram is still doable as well.

You just won’t have a clickable link.

So, I would post it to my feed, with a picture of the pin but convert it into an Instagram size on Canva first.

Then, add the URL in the description for them to copy and paste onto their browser.

Again, giving you more viewers, which in turn leads to more traffic on Pinterest and clicks to your website.

social media

There you have it. 5 Tips to Explode Your Pinterest Traffic.

I hope you take advantage of all of these tips & that it seriously increases your Pinterest traffic.

Feel free to comment on your Pinterest experience especially after you’ve applied these recommendations. 

Also, if you’re interested in a Pinterest Manager, contact me. That’s kind of my jam!

To learn the 3 pillars of Pinterest success, read my article here.

For more tips visit my blog here.

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