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5 Ways to Regain Your Sense of Individuality

Enjoy Motherhood & Still Be Yourself

If I could share with you “5 Ways to Regain Your Sense of Individuality,” as a mom, would you be interested?

Many times, whether you’re a new mom or have been a mom for a while, it’s really easy to lose your sense of self.

With all of the things to do, loss of sleep, & just the overall responsibilities of being a parent, you think you don’t have the time to do something to fix that.

That couldn’t be more wrong.

For you to be truly happy & live a balanced life, you have to find time for the things & people you love & for yourself.

Keep reading to learn how to hold on to your identity, even during motherhood.

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5 Ways to Regain Your Sense of Individuality

1- Make it a Priority to Enjoy your Favorite Pastime/Hobby

This for me is #1 on the list because your favorite past time/hobbies are about you & your likes.

Whether it’s painting, writing, reading, a sport, dancing, yoga anything, that is your YOU.

I know it hard because you need to find, time that you probably don’t have much of.

You also need someone to sit with the little one/s but it is possible.

Heck, you need the energy but you shouldn’t lose your identity because you’re a mom & that’s the bottom line.

Make the time, start out slow, a half-hour a day, then increase the time as you all adapt.

If it’s about finances then maybe find something else you love to do that’s more affordable.

You can always have a second hobby later on when it’s more affordable.

5 Ways to Regain Your Sense of Individuality

2- Carve Out Time for Date Night

This one I struggled with for a very long time & we both regret not trying harder but we got over it & now make it happen.

The thought of leaving the kids was really hard for me especially because I was struggling with postpartum depression.

Also, we also didn’t realize that if we asked for a little bit of help, we could go on dates, even if it was once every 6 weeks.

It’s can be such an emotional rollercoaster being a new mom.

It doesn’t have to be any place fancy either, maybe go on a walk together & get coffee or go for burgers at your favorite fast-food spot.

If you like watching movies you can stay in or grab a quick movie at your local theatre and a bite to eat.

You don’t want to lose the connection you have with your significant other & vice versa.

I mean your relationship is what prompted you to start a family in the first place.

For those who are single moms, that’s ok too, you can either go on a date if you’re ready to start dating or set up self-care time for yourself.

I’ll also take some much-needed self-care, please!

5 Ways to Regain Your Sense of Individuality

3- Schedule a Girls Night Out

Who doesn’t like to hang out with their favorite people right?

Even if it’s just every other month or so, to hang out with your friends.

It can be a night out or even a night in, either way, it’ll be fun to disconnect & have a good time.

It’s healthy to connect with someone other than your significant other because you both need your own space.

The best is to just talk, vent, laugh, share mom stories over delicious food, maybe even a little wine too!

The point is to get out & away from the everyday routine to do things YOU enjoy.

Oh, just to throw it in there, don’t be afraid to dress up, get all dolled up like you used to before pregnancy & kids.

It lifts your self-esteem & your spirits, you don’t even have to go anywhere, just do it because you can.

There’s always room to feel amazing.

5 Ways to Regain Your Sense of Individuality

4- Check Your Balance & Well Being

So, this is about taking care of your mental, spiritual & emotional self. 

Everyone is different but basically, if you have any religious or spiritual belief, hang on to it.

If you don’t, find something that works for you, it doesn’t have to be religious.

I am not religious at all, I’m more spiritual than anything.

It’s good to always have someone to talk to, a friend, counselor, pastor, mentor, someone you can trust.

A reminder that it’s ok to cry sometimes & always get an appropriate amount of sleep.

Journaling is a great way to get your feelings out on paper & another option for a hobby, playing an instrument, essential oils, a favorite podcast about positivity or comedy.

I love a good laugh and they say laughter is the best medicine…or something like that.

Be honest & true to yourself & you’ll know exactly what you need.

Our bodies, mind & spirit speak to us, you just need to be still & pay attention, listen.

You can never go wrong if you do that.

5 Ways to Regain Your Sense of Individuality

5- Keep Up with Your Overall Physical Health

Last but not least, mind your physical well-being.

It’s not about being the right size (there is no right size) or more athletic than the mom next door.

What it’s about is how you feel vs how you want to feel & also about being healthy.

Take a brisk walk, or turn the music up and dance like nobody is watching.

Dancing (& singing) is my absolute favorite pastime ever!

I also like to cycle, I have an indoor spin cycle, pick my fave playlist or podcast on Spotify & spin.

Doing these things also gives you alone time to just be, not for anyone else but for YOU.

Take care of your overall physical health, so you can enjoy life more, it’s totally doable & so worth it.

5 Ways to Regain Your Sense of Individuality

5 Ways to Regain Your Sense of Individuality

Enjoy Motherhood & Still Be Yourself

I wrote this article for all of you amazing moms out there, who just like me at one time, feel a little lost.

It will be difficult in the beginning but with time, you will learn how to hold on to your true identity & still enjoy being a mom.

5 Ways to Regain Your Sense of Individuality

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