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7 Self-Care/Activities for Kids During Lockdown

With all of the stress, fear & unknown that has come with the Covid-19 virus, it’s hard to keep the kids in good spirits.

They’re bored & can become depressed & anxious.

Below is a list of activities we can do as parents/guardians/grandparents, etc. to keep the kid’s healthy & active.

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#1- of 7 Self-Care/Activities for Kids During Lockdown is, Dance Parties

Dance your hearts away. I love to dance and so do most people.

This is an activity that gets your blood moving, your body moving, it’s fun & can be funny for those who have two left feet.

Find your favorite music on Spotify or Pandora for free. You can partake in dancing with your kids too.

Make it a family affair and have a dance party. 

picture of family dancing in living room for self-care activities

2- Video Chatting with Friends/Loved Ones

 With social distancing, the kids suffer the most.

They’re used to going to school, chatting it up with their friends, getting out of the house & having structure.

Since they can’t hang out with their friends, then let them do video chatting, under your supervision of course.

Make it a prize they earn if they complete their daily assignments.

They can video chat their friends for a certain amount of time and at a certain time of day.

picture of a girl waving at someone on chat online

3- Sleep

This is so important. Try not to let them get too out of their daily routines.

Set a bedtime & stick with it. They still have to get up for zoom calls with teachers, complete their assignments, etc.

So its best to keep them pretty much on the same schedule. Grumpy kids are no fun, so sleep it is.

picture of little girl sleeping practing self-care 7 self-care/activities for kids during lockdown

4- Read a Book/Magazine on Kindle, etc.

For this one, I would set a specific time and space where they can sit quietly & read.

If they want to sit together that’s fine too but silently reading. It gives them time to decompress, and just be still.

We all need that. They can work on activity books or magazines.

Whether they’re actual books or electronic devices.

Also, sit quietly and watch an age-appropriate movie together.

They can have a small snack while they read too. There’s no age limit for the snack, we all love snacks!! lol

picture of a girl on her tablet sitting on the couch 7 self-care/activities for kids during lockdown

5- Karaoke

 Karaoke, this one is right up there with dancing & can be so much fun.

If you don’t have the proper equipment that’s ok too, look up the lyrics on YouTube and just sing-along.

The whole family can partake in this one.

Get rid of the stress by singing your heart out.

picture of three girls singing karaoke in their room 7 self-care/activities for kids during lockdown

6- Crafts/Board Games/Video Games

An activity the whole family can partake in is board and/or video games.

Also, learning games are an awesome educational way to learn while having fun.

If your thing is crafts then get out your supplies and create your heart out.

You would be surprised at how many things you have lying around the house that can be used for crafts. Be creative and have fun.

picture of a family playing board games in their living room 7 self-care/activities for kids during lockdown

7- Last of “7 Self-Care/Activities for Kids During Lockdown” is Open Discussion with Parents/Guardians

Last but not least, have an open discussion.

With all the stress of being on lockdown & all of the fear surrounding the Covid-19 Virus, it can be overwhelming not to mention scary.

Designate a time, whenever you see fit and let them express their fears, ask questions & just vent. 

You can ask them how they’re feeling, what they’re scared of, confused about, what they can’t wait to do once lockdown is over.

Get them talking because it’s not good to be silent and bottle your emotions or concerns.

picture of a mom and dad talking to their kids at home about self-care 7 self-care/activities for kids during lockdown

Here’s hoping the lockdown gets lifted soon so we can get back to normal but with a better meaning of life.

I hope these self-care tips activities help you to keep the kids engaged with a healthy mind, body & soul.

Also on another note, I just want to send my love and prayers out to everyone who has been infected by this virus and their loved ones. 

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