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7 Self-Care Ideas for Mom’s During Lockdown

As parents/guardians, we need some time to reflect & relax too. This lockdown due to Covid-19 came out of nowhere!! We were not prepared for this social distancing and anxiety. So I’ve gathered just a few ideas to help you get through this tough time. Being a mom of 3, working from home, I also try to implement some of these ideas!! Below are “7 Self-Care Ideas for Mom’s During Lockdown.” 

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#1- Of “7 Self-Care Ideas for Mom’s During Lockdown” is Bubble Bath

This is my number one of 7 self-care ideas for moms during lockdown because its so relaxing.

I know those who have younger kids might have a harder time being able to do this but it’s worth a try.

You can either play your favorite music, read, listen to your fave podcast & just relax.

The best time to try and do this is probably when the kids are in bed for the night. 

picture of a bubble bath

#2- Listen to favorite Podcast

Something I have come to enjoy is podcasts. There’s a ton of different ones.

Everything from building a business, faith, spirituality, positivity, celebrities, you name it.

You can try to do this while taking your bubble bath, or even while cooking.

Free apps like Spotify are great for finding podcasts of your choice.

picture of a mom practicing 7 self-care ideas for moms on lockdown

#3- Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for mental, spiritual & physical health. 

You can do this one with or without the kids. It’s great for learning discipline too.

Since this is a time of high anxiety, it aids in lowering your anxiety levels.

Also, it fights depression, good for your heart, reduces chronic pain, helps you sleep & much more.

You can find videos online for beginner yoga if you’re a newbie. 

4- Have a glass of wine, call a friend/family member…vent

This might be the hardest one to do without distractions but I love a good challenge.

Grab a glass of wine, get on the phone & call a friend/family member.

This will take 2 things off your list, checking on others & partaking in a little chat session.

If you don’t conquer the phone call, conquer the wine or tea, whatever your preference.

picture of lady talking on the phone while drinking wine

5- Meditate

I like to do this at night but I’m no expert at any of this stuff.

Meditating is an awesome way to de-stress, gain focus & clarity.

The benefits are very similar to those of doing yoga.

It helps in lowering blood pressure, aids in sleep & fights depression.

Those are just a few of many great factors of meditating.

6- Glam Day

Yes, I said glam. Do whatever makes you feel glamorous.

Whether that be, dressing up, hair & make-up, or your best jeans with a t-shirt & ponytail.

Get out of those pj’s so you can feel like a million bucks, whatever that individually means to you.

This one can also be done with or without kids as well.

picture of mom and daughter putting make-up on

7- Last but most important of the “7 Self-Care Ideas for Mom’s During Lockdown,” is Sleep

I don’t know about you all but this mama loves her beauty sleep.

Nobody wants to deal with a grumpy human.

If you can’t take a little nap during the day, your best bet is to try to go to bed early.

Reading before bed always helps my eyes get tired and sleepy.

You can’t function properly without the proper bed rest. 

picture of a mom practicing 7 self-care ideas for moms on lockdown by sleeping

I hope this gives you a little hope that you can practice self-care without feeling guilty.

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