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7 Ways to Be More Productive While Working From Home

Working from home can be difficult, especially if you never worked from home before. The endless amount of interruptions makes it impossible to stay on track of your work. Below I wrote “7 Ways to Be More Productive While Working From Home,” to help you out.

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7 Ways to Be More Productive While Working From Home

1- Use Daily Schedule

The first thing I would recommend is, using a schedule. 

You can do this on an app like Trello, Evernote, etc..

For those of you that prefer paper schedules, that’s fine too.

Dry-ease boards seem to work well for many people as well. 

BJ’s and many stores sell them in-store & online at different price ranges.

So you definitely have plenty of options either way.

daily planner to help you work from home and be more productive

7 Ways to Be More Productive While Working From Home

2- Remove any distractions, like your T.V.

The first distraction I want to mention is your television.

I know it’s difficult but if you’re anything like me, you know this can be a huge distraction. 

Instead of having the T.V. on, you can turn music on instead.

Just make sure it’s not music that makes you want to stop & dance.

Also, make very clear what your hours of operation or working hours are.

Letting loved ones know that you won’t be accepting any calls or messages unless it’s an emergency.

7 Ways to Be More Productive While Working From Home

3- Set Your Alarm

I know that working from home can make you lose your sense of structure when it comes to your daily schedule.

Set your alarm every morning at a reasonable time.

Make sure you account for everything from, exercise, breakfast or meditating routine, etc.

Feeding time and school prep for little ones, or daily devotionals, whatever your morning routine is, set time for it.

Also, do not hit the snooze button. It just makes for a bad habit and you end up getting up late.

If you start your morning off right, the more chances you will have a good, productive day.

alarm clock

7 Ways to Be More Productive While Working From Home

4- Don’t Over Schedule in One Day

When you fill out your schedule, be mindful of how much you’re trying to accomplish in one day.

Be sure to add extra time for bathroom and lunch breaks, etc.

Only do the most important first.

Many bloggers assign a certain day for x amount of tasks and stick to that schedule.

Just remember the more you pile on the less productive you will be.

Leading you to continue the same cycle over and over again causing you unnecessary stress.

7 Ways to Be More Productive While Working From Home

5- Set a Timer for Each Task

Now that you have filled out your schedule, you can allot a specific amount of time for each task.

Set a timer for the amount of time you decided each task should take.

You do this so you won’t waste any extra time on one task leaving the rest undone.

It also gives you a sense of accountability for accomplishing your daily goals.

7 Ways to Be More Productive While Working From Home

6-Avoid Social Media

Avoiding social media might be the very hardest of them all.

I know it’s very easy to get caught in that rabbit hole and scroll the day away.

Avoid that by turning off your social media notifications or simply logging out of those accounts during your workday.

No more endless scrolling and wasting time.

woman distracted with social media

7 Ways to Be More Productive While Working From Home

7- Be Positive/Realistic

Be realistic about the goals you set on a day to day basis.

Keep a positive mentality at all times.

Do whatever you have to, to achieve both of these.

Whether it’s meditating, praying, manifesting, or a mixture of all of these and more.

You’d be surprised at how far that’ll get you in all aspects of life.

7 ways to be more productive while working from home

These tips will help you work from home with less stress while your family is at work & school during the day.

For tips on how to be productive while working from but with the kids, check out the articles, “How to Work From Home with Kids Part 1 and Part 2.”

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