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8 Tips to Be An Organized Blogger

8 tips to be an organized blogger

8 Tips to Be An Organized Blogger

Being a mom, wife, running my business & blog from home, etc. sometimes, I have a hard time keeping everything organized.  It took me quite a few Pinterest searches to realize I needed some sort of system to keep this crazy busy mama in check! Below I quickly put together “8 Tips to Be an Organized Blogger,” to help a fellow mama out.

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Tip #1 of 8 Tips to Be An Organized Blogger is…

1-Plan Out Time to Blog

Ok, so the first thing I noticed about myself is that I had no plan whatsoever. I would just sit at different times of the day or night and try to blog.

I didn’t block out a time to concentrate on just my blog. I was trying to juggle several tasks at once, big mistake.

I always ended up being interrupted by everything and everyone.

Another mistake I made is that I would still be available to everyone no matter what. When you work out of the house, at a company, you clock in and there are rules.

You don’t just get up whenever you feel like it and chat it up on your cell phone or walk out and get coffee.

Well, you shouldn’t anyway. So why don’t you have and demand the same respect for your home business?

What I started doing is using a paper planner from like the dollar store but you can use digital if you want.

There are many out there you can choose from.

I blocked out my entire day. I’m talking wake up time, meals, breaks, blogging time, etc. just like my day at an out of the house job.

I also made sure to let family & friends know that that’s when I’m working.

Unless it’s an emergency, call me up on my break time.  I stick to it for the most part.

I mean, I am the boss so if I need a minute outside of schedule for coffee or bathroom then that’s ok. Just make sure you make it count for the most part. 

Planner for organized blogger to plan out a time to blog

Tip #2 of 8 Tips to Be An Organized Blogger is…

2- Brainstorm Your Topics

I had to start doing was some serious brainstorming. I never knew what topic was next.

I just picked it off the top of my head and ran with it. I finally started blocking out time once a month and brainstormed a million topics.

I used a calendar printout that I created on Canva and wrote a different topic for each blog post.

For me, I have been trying to write one blog article a week, so I post every Friday. Eventually, I’d like to bump that up to a few articles a week.

This takes the guesswork out of coming up with ideas of what to write about next. The lightbulb in my messy mama brain is already lit and done once a month.

You can do once a month no matter how many times a week you post an article. it’s entirely up to you.

Just block out time to sit and brainstorm on post-its then write each topic down on the day you’re going to post an article. It has done wonders for me.

Tip #3 of 8 Tips to Be An Organized Blogger is…

3- Voice Record instead of Type

Do you want to know a little secret that I was ashamed to admit? I’m going to share this because now I know I’m not the only one who does this.

I sometimes have a hard time prepping and typing out my blog posts. When I’m in that sort of lazy, hazy zone, I use the memo app on my phone instead.

I talk text the post. I then copy and paste it to an email and send it to myself.

Afterward, I paste it to my blog post draft and after some proofreading and editing, I’m done.

The words seem to flow more naturally and freely when I do that.

So, if you ever feel like you just can’t get the words out and your more of a talker like me, try that trick and let me know how it goes.

Tip #4 of 8 Tips to Be An Organized Blogger is…

4- Set Goals & Clear Workspace

If you’re anything like me it gets messy before it gets better. 

I have the bad habit of making a huge mess on my desk while I’m working & then cleaning up at the end of every day.

To avoid that, I started keeping everything in order with organizer bins. You can get them anywhere, The Dollar Tree, Target. Walmart, Marshall’s, you name it.

It has been the best ever, I use them to keep all my papers organized and in separate piles. You can separate them and organize them to your liking.

You don’t realize how much clearer your mind works with a clean space to sit at. So keep those workspaces clean.

Also, make sure you set up your goals. What is your target audience/niche? How many blog posts do you want to put out a week?

Be sure you are realistic when choosing these goals. If you’re a newer blogger, maybe start with just one blog post a week or every two weeks and work your way up.

Definitely be realistic, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew and turn blogging into a complete nightmare.

picture of a clean work space with a laptop

Tip #5 of 8 Tips to Be An Organized Blogger is…

5- Be Consistent

This one sounds like the easiest but might be the most difficult of them all, consistency. 

You can set up your goals, clean your workspace, brainstorm & plan all you want but if you don’t show up and get it done, it’s a complete waste of time.

You have to be consistent because your audience is counting the days to your next post.

You cannot build trust with them if they see your post today and then you don’t post again for a month in a half.

If you don’t build that trust you won’t have an audience.

Tip #6 of 8 Tips to Be An Organized Blogger is…

6- Get the Right Apps to Keep You Organized

When I started my business, I was clueless about the number of organizational apps and software programs out there.

I quickly realized I needed a few of them to make my life easier as a mom, Virtual Assistant, Pinterest Manager & Blogger.

There was no way to get by without them.

The free version of Trello to keep all of my lists in order from potential leads to meal planning for my family.

Canva to create all of my graphics. They have a free version but I eventually started paying the monthly cost Canva Pro Version because I absolutely love Canva.

I also use QuickBooks to keep all of my financials in order. For a small business, you can usually get by just fine with the $25.00 a month “Simple Start” plan.

They have specials all the time so watch out for those.

Wait, there’s more…

I love Calendly to schedule all of my Client’s Free Discovery Calls with me. I’ve gotten by just fine with the free version for that also.

Then there’s the free version of Zoom for the actual calls with my clients.

You will eventually want to invest in Tailwind for your Pinterest Pins to be scheduled by you or your Pinterest VA.

You can try all Tailwind features for free for up to 100 pins on Pinterest and 30 posts on Instagram. No time limit and no credit card needed to start your free trial.

After that, choose the pricing plan that works for you. It’s worth it.

As you can see, I take advantage of a lot of free and low-cost apps plus, my paper calendar also to get my things done in an orderly fashion.

There are so many more products out there.

These are just to name a few that I use and recommend.

Go check them out for yourselves & see which ones work for you.

picture of tablet screen with apps

Tip #7 of 8 Tips to Be An Organized Blogger is…

7- Know when it’s time to take a break & Breathe.

Mamas, our babies aren’t the only ones who sometimes need a time-out.

Sometimes, we need a moment to walk and just breathe.

Seriously, you need to know when to give yourself a break.

Write that into your calendar when you plan your workday.

Always get up and stretch, look away from your laptop screen & take a breath of fresh air.

It’s not healthy to sit and stare at your screen or anything for that matter, for hours at a time.

So get up, take a break, have a snack & breathe.

Your blog will thank you for it, trust me.

Tip #8 of 8 Tips to Be An Organized Blogger is…

8- Schedule Away

Finally, as I mentioned above, I use a scheduler named Tailwind to schedule all of my pins to my Pinterest account’s relevant boards.

Tailwind is amazing because you just schedule out your pins & forget it.

It has tons of features also.

However, to schedule my actual blog articles, since my blog is with WordPress, I use their scheduler.

I just create my blog article & graphics, proofread and edit it thoroughly.

To get proofreading done for me I use Grammarly.

Then pick the time, date & schedule, as simple as that.

schedule posts

That Concludes, 8 Tips to Be an Organized Blogger.

Want more information on the 5 benefits of using Tailwind?

Check out my blog here.

Also, are you interested in adding a Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Manager to your busy team?

Feel free to contact me.

I’m a VA & I specialize in Pinterest Management.

For more tips on must-have tools for blogging, check out this article here.

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  1. Your tip on voice recording is definitely one I am going to take up! I do need to work on being more organized but only for my notebooks ha ha. Thanks!

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