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diaper bag on hanging on the back of stroller with water bottle

Best Diaper Bag Essentials for New Moms

Make Outings a Breeze

As a new mom, it’s difficult to know what to pack when going out with your precious babies. You don’t want to overpack but at the same time, what if you need something unexpectedly. Can I tell you how many times I overpacked & the many times I didn’t pack enough & regretted it instantly? Well, I’m going to be the person I wish I had when I was prepping to go out for the day. No more stuffed bags, nor missing baby essentials, listed here are the best diaper bag essentials for new moms to make outings a breeze.

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1- A Good Multifunction Diaper Bag

This should be a diaper bag that is big but not bulky. It definitely has to have an insulated feature & tons of pockets. A lot of them have the charging option inside the bag for electronics like your cell phone too. 

diaper bag

2- Changing Pad

Raise your hand if you have to change your baby’s diaper with no safe, clean place to lay them down. I know I’ve had those dreadful moments. I recommend this changing pad, it is super cute, practical & just amazing. It even has a holder for baby wipes, a small pocket for baby butt cream, or small toys to keep them occupied. You can also hang it behind the seat in your car or stroller & it’s waterproof. 


picture of a baby and a changing pad

3- Burp Cloths/Teething Ring

We can all agree babies are as cute as they are messy during feedings & especially when teething starts. You will need lots of bibs, burp cloths & extra teething rings. Make sure you pack these essentials for sure to avoid messes.

bandana with teething rings

4- Extra Binky

Have you ever experienced a day out “without” a much-needed binky? I’m sure the answer is not because that will have you running back home so fast your head would spin! Always pack an extra binky. They even have binky-like feeders for snack time you can put fresh fruit in them & it’s safe for older babies. Pacifier wipes are always nice to have too.


flexy pacifier newborn 2pack

5- Extra Bottles

I always packed a couple of extra bottles, just in case. I preferred to use the powder formula, this mama didn’t have the blessing of breastfeeding. It just wasn’t in the cards for me but nonetheless, I made sure my babies always had extra bottles and formula just in case. Nothing worse than a hungry baby and not enough formula/breastmilk & bottles.

pink and clear baby bottles

Best Diaper Bag Essentials for New Moms

Make Outings a Breeze

6- Clean Change of Clothes

If you haven’t had the experience of a diaper blowout, consider yourself lucky! That leads to my next piece of advice, an extra outfit or two and a wet bag for soiled clothes. Don’t forget the socks. A baby cardigan is always nice for chilly weather too.


carter's 15 piece basic essentials layette set

7- Extra Blanket

You will always need a comfy baby blanket for the stroller so pack at least one good one. A receiving blanket or two always comes in handy.

swaddle blanket for stroller and sleeping baby

8- Medicine Kit & Thermometer

Babies can become gassy, get a runny nose or a slight fever, again, especially with teething. I always kept a small medicine kit in my diaper tote just in case. A thermometer comes in handy too. You won’t regret it.


little remedies new baby essentials kit

8- Small Plastic Bags for Dirty Diapers

I always carried little disposable bags as well for any trash or for disposable diapers. It’s a matter of preference. They come in handy so I would definitely recommend them.

disposable diaper bag dispenser

10- Snacks for Baby & Mom!

Last but not least, snacks! I’m not just talking for the little ones, I mean snacks for you mama & don’t forget to hydrate. Drink plenty of water. 

I hope this helps as a guide for you to pack for those special outings with your baby. It’s all a matter of preference and just figuring out what works for you.

geek yogis snack for babies

Best Diaper Bag Essentials for New Moms

Make Outings a Breeze

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