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Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

First, let me start by saying that Canva is an amazing graphic design platform. It gives you the ability to create graphics like e-books, social media graphics, blog post graphics, presentations and so much more. You can use the Canva app on your desktop/laptop, mobile (my fave) & Ipad/tablet. I love the fact that you don’t need any experience with design to be able to use the app. They have a ton of features and templates. To learn more continue below to read, “Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers.”

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for some of the affiliate programs listed below. This means that if you decide to click on a link and sign-up or purchase a product, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

1- Create Reusable Templates

This is a Canva Pro feature that I, as a Pinterest Manager/Strategist use every day.

Whether it’s for a design or a document that I use often, it is a time saver nonetheless.

How-to: On the top right-hand side of the screen, under Download, click on the down arrow to “Show More.”

Scroll down and click on “Templates” then click on Publish.

Then you just select the folder you want to save the template in and select “Publish Template.”

Now to retrieve any of these saved templates, just go to your home page and there’s a list on the left side of the screen, choose and click on “All Your Folders.”

Then click on the folder of your choosing.

You will be asked by Canva if you want to “Edit the template” or “Use the template.” 

If you need to edit the template, then choose “Edit the Template.”

If not editing anything on the master template then you will always pick “Use the Template.”

Canva tips and tricks for bloggers

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

2- New Magic Resize Feature

You can re-size your image with just a few clicks.

How-to: In the design file (as you’re designing) if you move up to the top left of the screen, you’ll see it says “Resize.”

Go ahead and click on Resize, you will be given a list of different sizes to choose from or you can just type in your own measurements.

You also have the option of selecting multiple sizes at once. 

Canva then generates a template tor each size and all you have to do is adjust your elements to fit on each page.

Pick or type in your size of choice and click on either “Resize” or “Copy and resize.”

If you want to only resize it then choose “resize.”

If you want to resize and also have a copy of the original size, then choose “Resize and Copy.”

Canva tips and tricks for bloggers

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

3- Change Element Position Just a Tiny Bit

I love to use Canva on my mobile because it’s simply a lot easier but you don’t have the ability to access all of the features, like on a laptop.

One thing that was almost impossible for me, was trying to move any part of the image, whether an element or text (on my laptop) to an exact spot.

It would always move too far from where I intended to place the object.

I just couldn’t get the element to the exact position I wanted, for it to be just right.

So I figured out a way to move it as much as you want in tiny amounts without the headache!

How-to: You simply select the element or text you want to move.

Next, while holding down the “SHIFT Button,” use your arrow keys to move the object up, down, left, or right.

You can also do this by holding down the TOUCHPAD  on your laptop, then using your arrow keys to move the object up, down, left, or right, just like stated above. That’s it.

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

4- Create Layers

Let’s talk about layers. Canva does not offer them as other software do.

They do however give you the option of changing the position of an object, text, etc. from the front to the back and vice versa.

How-to: On the top right-hand side of your screen is the “Position button.”

Click the Position button and you can send the object/element to the front with the “Forward” option or to the back with the “Backward” option.

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

5- Easy Way to Create a Thin Line

Something I just couldn’t understand is why there’s no option to add a plain line.

There are options for lines but they all have a design to them, not just solid/plain.

In one of my meltdown moments (lol) I clicked around and sarcastically typed the letter L.

Guess what, it worked! I was shocked.

How-to: You literally just type the letter L and a plain line pops up.

You can change the size and color too.

Canva tips and tricks for bloggers

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

6- Option to Lock Different Elements of the Design

The lock feature is a practical tool to use when your image has a lot of different larger elements to be edited.

I found this one clicking around and just trying different things to figure out.

How-to: You will find the lock icon on the upper right hand of the design screen. It is literally a little padlock.

Then you just select the element(s) & move to the back then lock them so they stay in place & don’t move.

Now you are free to edit everything else that’s in the front of the design.

To unlock, just click on the item then click the lock again to release it.

It’s a lot easier to use this feature with larger elements.

It works with smaller items as well but it gets really tricky.

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

7- Easily Create a Text Box & Add a Hyperlink

If you’re in the middle of creating a graphic but need to add text but don’t feel like leaving whatever tab you’re in like “Elements,” then this tip is for you.

How-to: Instead of leaving the tab you’re already in, just type the letter “T” and it will bring up a text box, easy peasy!

If you’re creating a PDF, E-Book or Lead Magnet and want to add a hyperlink, that’s possible too.

How-to: Just select the text you want to make a link.

After you select it, go up towards the right side of the screen to the 3 dots (more) and click on it.

Select the link icon, type the URL link address & press “Apply.”

It’s important to remember that for the links to work the document can ONLY be downloaded as a PDF.

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

8- Create Your Own Brand Kit (brand fonts & colors)

The choice to create your own brand kit is a super practical feature especially if you’re using Canva Pro rather than the free version.

They’re both great but with Canva Pro, you get even more features that save you a lot more time.

How-to: First, go back to your Home/Dashboard page.

On the left side is your panel of choices, you’ll notice one of the options says, “Brand Kit,” click to open it.

You can upload your brand logos, hex codes for brand colors & your brand fonts to have ready when you need them.

If you’re using the Canva free version you can add up to 3 colors.

However, with Canva Pro you can add 6 colors with multiple color palettes.

There are many fonts to choose from in the free version.

Canva Pro users also have the option to upload custom fonts as well.

I absolutely love the Brand Kit feature because it keeps all of my colors, logos & fonts in one place.

They’re organized & ready for me to use in any design.

Canva tips and tricks for bloggers

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

9- Upload & Use Your Own Photos

Canva offers tons & tons of photos in their photos tab for you to use in your design.

With that being said, if you still want something more personal or a specific photo, you can upload your own instead.

How-to: While you’re creating your graphic, on the left side is your options panel.

It’s full of tabs with options from “Templates, all the way down to “Folders” & more.

Click on the “Uploads” tab.

To use an image/video already uploaded, just scroll through the options and click once to select the one you want to use.

If you want to upload a new pic/video just click on “Upload an Image or Video,” that’ll bring up your file explorer dialog box with all of your files.

Choose the file folder where the pic/or video is stored, then pick the photo or video by double-clicking on it.

This will upload the pic/video to your Canva upload files so you can use it for your design.

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

10- Tons of Templates to Choose From

This is especially handy for those of us who are just not that creative when it comes to designing a graphic and/or want to save time.

Canva offers its own templates you can use for your design.

For Canva free version users, not all of them are available but for Canva Pro users you have access to everything.

How-to: You simply go to the options panel on the left side of your design screen.

You then click on the “Templates” tab option and there you’ll find many options to choose from.

To make it easier you can also type a specific word or type of template in the “Search Templates Bar.”

You can plug in your own brand fonts & colors to make it your own.

As well as switching out the photos, to photos of your choice, the whole template is customizable.

This saves you loads of time while not losing your branding.

Canva Tips & Tricks for Bloggers

11- Page Manager

Last but not least we have the page manager tool.

It gives you the ability to fully view the layout of your creation on screen.

It’s only for projects with multiple pages, hence the name “page manager.”

How-to: You can find the page manager on the bottom right of your design screen.

It’s a small icon that looks like multiple pages with the number of pages of your project written on it.

This feature allows you to delete, duplicate & move pages around to your liking.

It’s awesome to get a good look at your project as I mentioned before.

Double click to edit any of the pages.

Then you double-click again on a page & it sends you back to the full-size view of that specific page.

This is a great option for long-form pages like long documents, etc. as well.

Canva tips and tricks for bloggers

Blogging takes a lot of work and time. One of the most essential tools for blogs is Pinterest.

To create Pinterest graphics you definitely need Canva.

If you still feel like Canva isn’t something you want to learn or simply don’t have the time for it, then adding a Pinterest Manager/Strategist is the best option.

Feel free to contact me for all of your Pinterest needs.

I’m a Pinterest Manager/Strategist and also a VA.

Pinterest is my specialty!

For more articles like this one, visit my blog.

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