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How to Create a Portable Office

Work On The Go with Ease

Whether you have the ability to work from anywhere or just lack space for an office, setting up an office in a bag is the way to go. In “How to Create a Portable Office,” I show you what you need to do exactly that. Keep reading to learn how I quickly set up my own portable workspace in a bag.

(This post was updated 03/27/2021)

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How to Create a Portable Office

1- Laptop

The #1 Item on the list is a Chromebook or Ipad. Depending on what you need as far as size & functionality. I use both my according to what I’m doing at that moment.


2- Portable Laptop Desk

You might need this for comfort, a portable laptop desk. It would fit right in your tote or laptop bag, super helpful!

portable laptop desk

3- Wi-Fi

Of course, to obtain internet access you will need a good wi-fi connection, that’s a must-have. I receive my Wi-fi services from a local cable company, there aren’t many options here. You can use whatever works best for you as far as service and price go.

picture that says wi-fi

4- Portable Ring Light

On to #3 which is a portable ring light. When you’re on a video call or if you’re taking pics for your business you will need really good lighting. I also have a small clip-on ring light for my cell phone, it’s so practical and useful! 

picture of a ring light for vloggers

How to Create a Portable Office

5- Bookbag or Tote Bag

Next up is a book bag or tote to keep everything in. The style & size of the bag you choose is completely up to you. Get creative like the one pictured below, it comes in a variety of colors.

picture of a laptop canvas shoulder waterproof bag

6- Office Supplies

You’ll need supplies to keep you ready for any sudden notes or messages. Everything from a notebook, sticky notes, pens & a holder to carry them in.

stationary organizer

7- Earbuds or Headset

Many people prefer noise-canceling headphones others prefer earbuds. I actually prefer a headset so that I’m hands-free as well.

picture of black noise cancelling headphones

How to Create a Portable Office

8- Daily/Monthly Planner

Definitely had to throw this one on the list for my planner-obsessed mamas out there, like me! I love a good planner, and there are so many different styles and sizes. It keeps me super organized and stress-free plus it’s fun to decorate.

picture of a planner organizer

How to Create a Portable Office

These are the most important items you need to start an office in a bag. Feel free to comment any questions or feedback!

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