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How to Create a Portable Office

How to Create a Portable Office

Work On The Go with Ease

In, “How to Create a Portable Office,” I give you tips that I learned along the way, being a blogger who sometimes travels.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a mompreneur but don’t actually have space for an office.

To add to that, you’re having a hard time setting up one while you’re away.

Well, fret no more, keep reading to learn how I quickly set up my own portable workspace in a bag.

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How to Create a Portable Office

1- Laptop

The #1 Item on the list is a laptop, tablet, or Chromebook.

Complete with a portable mouse, batteries, a portable charger, and a charger for the car as well.

Depending on your comfort level, also size, and functionality.

I use both my Ipad & laptop depending on what I need at that moment.

You can purchase any one of these electronics here.

How to Create a Portable Office

2- Wi-Fi

Of course, to obtain internet access you will need a good wi-fi connection, that’s a must-have.

I receive my Wi-fi services from a local cable company, there aren’t many options here.

You can use whatever works best for you as far as service and price go.

3- Portable Ring Light

On to #3 which is a portable ring light.

When you’re on a video call or if you’re taking pics for your business you will need this.

To get a good pic you must have really good lighting.

If it’s a selfie or selfie video, make sure the light is in front of you, not behind you.

I also have a small clip-on ring light for my cell phone, it’s so practical and useful!

You’d be amazed at what good lighting can do for your pics!

How to Create a Portable Office

4- Bookbag or Tote Bag

Next up is a bookbag, tote bag, or something like that.

What type and size of bag you choose to use are completely up to you.

I have a backpack that I absolutely love.

It has enough space for everything I need to carry & is super cute and trendy.

Many stores carry all kinds of totes, bookbags, small travel bags & more.

How to Create a Portable Office

5- Office Supplies

For #5 I chose office supplies, to keep you ready for any sudden notes or messages.

Everything from a notebook, post-its, pens, batteries for your mouse & pencils.

Again, every major store out there sells these supplies online & in-store.

6- Portable Tripod

This one for me was a lifesaver, a portable tripod.

I always struggled while holding my cell phone & trying to record a video or speak on a Zoom call.

Not anymore, just set up the phone and record away.

These can be purchased pretty much anywhere nowadays.

Keep in mind, you’ll also need the cellphone holder attachment. some stores sell those separately.

How to Create a Portable Office

7- Earbuds or Headset

Many people opt for a headset, noise-canceling headphones, or earbuds while working.

I actually prefer a headset so that I’m handsfree as well.

For noisier surroundings, you might want to invest in a noise-canceling headset/earphones.

How to Create a Portable Office

8- Daily/Monthly Planner

Definitely had to throw this one on the list for my planner obsessed mamas out there, like me!

I found out about a planner called “The Happy Planner.”

I love it, they are so beautiful with so many different styles and designs.

They also have stickers and stuff you can purchase to personalize your planner.

It keeps me super organized and stress-free plus it’s fun to decorate.

9- Padfolio

I recommend purchasing an enclosed binder, or padfolio of sorts.

You will want something compact to transport confidential paperwork back and forth.

This is great because it zips up & you won’t lose anything important or with sensitive information.

It’s also beneficial because it helps you keep your forms nicely organized.

How to Create a Portable Office

10- Organizers

Speaking of organizers, In many cases, a place to organize your pencils & pens, etc. is necessary.

You can use any kind of small case or a portable organizer.

Another option is a small/medium-sized, basic make-up bag that you can easily convert into an organizer.

A good old fashioned pencil pouch is also another good option.

As long as it’s big enough to hold your supplies but small enough to transport them back and forth.

How to Create a Portable Office

Quick Summary

In case you scrolled through like I normally do, here’s a quick summary of what you’ll need to create your office in a bag.

  1. Laptop
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Portable Ring Light
  4. Bookbag or Tote Bag
  5. Office Supplies
  6. Portable Tripod
  7. Earbuds or Headset
  8. Daily/Monthly Planner
  9. Padfolio
  10. Organizer

How to Create a Portable Office

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