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How to Keep Your Inbox Organized for Good

3 Steps to Declutter Your Email Inbox

Today in “How to Keep Your Inbox Organized for Good,” we will very briefly discuss three ways to avoid inbox chaos.

As mom’s we have so much that we’re responsible for, many times our inbox gets put on the back burner.

Leaving us with an overwhelming list of emails just sitting there taking up space.

Many of which are important & being missed.

Keep reading to learn more.

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How to Keep Your Inbox Organized for Good

1- Don’t Be Afraid to Delete

So many times you receive emails and just don’t have the time to manage them.

We always say we’ll get to it later but later comes & goes, meanwhile the emails just keep piling up.

Instead of ignoring them just schedule out time to manage your inbox.

Seriously, schedule a good half hour or so and delete any & all un-needed emails.

Make sure to check twice so you don’t delete the wrong ones and have a bigger headache later on down the line.

I usually check my email twice a day but you do whatever works for you.

The goal is to not spend the whole day distracted, working on, or worrying about your emails.

How to Keep Your Inbox Organized for Good

2- Break Down Folders Into Categories

Separate your folders into different categories to make things easier to find.

I create folders for different subjects, for instance, each one of my clients gets their own folder.

Anything that I need for that individual client, I just go to their folder and it’s there.

Another example is, all of the separate affiliates I work with, also get their own folder.

I really dislike clutter so, these folders keep me organized and neat.

How to Keep Your Inbox Organized for Good

3- Unsubscribe & Move On

The last but equally important tip is, don’t be afraid to unsubscribe whenever necessary.

In the beginning, I felt so bad unsubscribing from email lists I no longer benefited from.

With time I realized, I’m doing us both a favor when I unsubscribe.

I stop getting emails that I have to take time out of my day to delete.

They in turn have to pay for their email service provider.

Why should they pay for a subscriber that isn’t even opening their emails.

Save everyone the hassle and just unsubscribe.

How to Keep Your Inbox Organized for Good

How to Keep Your Inbox Organized for Good

3 Steps to Declutter Your Email Inbox


1- Delete, delete, delete!

2- Create folders for each individual category

3- Unsubscribe if no longer serving you

As moms & business owners, we have a million things to do as it is.

Dealing with an overflowing, cluttered, email inbox shouldn’t be one of them.

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