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mom working from home with kids

How to Work From Home with Kids Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of How to Work From Home with Kids.

In my last article, I wrote about having activities ready for them, sticking to your to-do list & more.

In this article, I’m going to give you a few more tips to help you work from home, even with the kids around.

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How to Work From Home with Kids Part 2

1- Include Your Kids

It’s can be really difficult to get work done while trying not to make the kids feel ignored.

Allow them to be a part of your day & make it fun.

This can be with the clean up of paperwork or filling up your paper, pencils, pens, paper clips, etc.

Also, they can be put on watch every time you start the timer.

Things like that can help make them feel apart of your day.

Also, always have snacks & activities at hand.

BJ’s is a great place for families to stock up on snacks & activities at a discounted price.

For the older kids, you can take it a different route.

They can actually help you with other things like helping you file paperwork, organize, maybe even typing up some forms for you, etc.

There’s no limit on how much they can do to be a part of your day.

I also like to schedule my lunchtime with their lunchtime.

It doesn’t happen every day if I’m super busy but for the most part, they know lunchtime is always our time.

There are many other ways to include them just be creative, it should be enjoyable.

mom working from home with kids

How to Work From Home with Kids Part 2

2- Accept the Fact That It’ll Be Imperfect

This is probably the second most important thing to remember.

Things aren’t always going to go the way you plan.

You just to know that, accept it and move on.

I’m not saying be sloppy at your work, not at all.

We as moms tend to be perfectionists but you have to know when to stop & start again the following day.

Your schedule isn’t always going to go as planned.

The kid’s behavior won’t always go as planned or sometimes they get sick and need care.

There are so many things that can go wrong, just know that and be ok with that.

How to Work From Home with Kids Part 2

3- Catch Up While They Take Naps

One of the best times to catch up or catch a meal is while the little ones are taking their naps.

That’s when you can make phone calls, do some filing, billing and so much more.

Definitely take advantage of nap time however you see fit.

mom working from home while her baby sleeps

How to Work From Home with Kids Part 2

4- Check Emails While Pumping/Breastfeeding

For my mom bloggers who are in the stage of pumping/breastfeeding, check your emails.

That is a great time to check emails and respond to them.

Maybe even clean it up a little and organize your inbox, etc.

If you have a little time left over, you can also send out some emails to your email list as well.

mom breastfeeding while working from home with kids

How to Work From Home with Kids Part 2

5- Know When It’s Time to Take a Quick Break

Seriously, it’s ok to take a break & I’m not just speaking of lunch breaks.

If you see that you need a quick time-out to just breathe & re-group, take it.

Maybe you just want 15 minutes to cuddle the kids or eat a snack, take it.

There is no rule that says work till you drop, remember you’re the boss.

That is one of the many perks of owning your own business.

mom taking a break while working from home with kids

How to Work From Home with Kids Part 2

6- Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask For Help

Sometimes no matter how much we plan activities & such, things just don’t go our way & that’s ok like I mentioned earlier.

Those days or in those moments is when you need to reach out to your backups for help.

This person or these helpers can be your parents, other family members, a friend, or maybe even a neighbor.

Set these helpers up in advance so that when you need them they can be there for you.

There’s no shame in that at all.

Sometimes kids need some fresh air, or the baby might just want to be held most of the day.

You learn to accept the minor difficulties, be ok with it and you move on.

How to Work From Home with Kids Part 2

7- Think Positive & Remember Your Why

Last but not least the most important one of all, in my opinion.

Always think positive & remember why you started your business in the first place.

If you think positive, everything else will be manageable no matter what goes wrong.

Use your “why” to motivate you and keep pushing forward. 

There you have it, working from home is definitely possible.

You just have to figure out what works for you and for your kids then apply it to your daily routine.

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