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Insanely Quick Guide to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins

If you’re here reading “Insanely Quick Guide to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins” that means you’ve realized that Rich Pins are a pretty important part of Pinterest.

Let me start by explaining what Rich Pins are.

Rich Pins are basically pins that have more details on them than regular pins.

A rich pin includes your bolded blog title, preview text, author-name, Pinterest profile pic & a lot more, thus the term, “rich” pin.

There are 3 different types of rich pins which include: Product, Recipe & Article rich pins.

Product rich pins are for bloggers that sell products online or on their blog.

Article rich pins are for bloggers who have a blog article/post that they want to pin to Pinterest.

Rich Pins are very beneficial to your business because they pop/stand out more.

They’re more professional, detailed & appealing to the eye of the reader.

They also give you the ability to use even more keywords making your pin more visible to your target audience.

Before you can enable Rich pins you need to make sure you have a Pinterest “BUSINESS” account. 

If you don’t, follow Step One (only) of this article that I wrote with you in mind, then return to this page for the directions below.

Now on to how to enable them easily on your WordPress site. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for some of the affiliate programs listed below. This means that if you decide to click on a link and sign-up or purchase a product, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Insanely Quick Guide to Enable Rich Pins on Pinterest

1- Install Yoast SEO Plugin

You’re going to install Yoast Plugin.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard on the left-hand side & click on Plugins → Add New → type Yoast SEO in the search box → Install→ Activate 

Insanely Quick Guide to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins

2- Open Social under Yoast SEO

Now again in the WordPress Dashboard scroll down to Yoast SEO then click on Social.

3- Enable Open Graph metadata under Social

Now in Social Yoast SEO, click on the “Facebook Tab” & make sure that Graph Metadata is ENABLED.

Insanely Quick Guide to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins

4- Go To Rich Pin Validator

Next, go to Rich Pin Validator and insert the URL of one of your blog posts then click “Validate.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure the URL you insert is of the blog post and NOT your homepage!!

Insanely Quick Guide to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins

5- You’ll See a Validation Message

Now you will see a message that states: 

“Your Pins have been validated! Apply to enable your rich pins. Go ahead and click on “Apply Now.”

You will then see another message that states:

Thank You! We’ll review it and email you with any questions or next steps.

Now just wait for their email!

Insanely Quick Guide to Enable Pinterest Rich Pins

That’s it, you’re Rich Pins Validated!

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