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Must-Have Freebies That'll Explode Your Email List

Must-Have Freebies That’ll Explode Your Email List

In “Must-Have Freebies That’ll Explode Your Email List,” you’ll learn what a freebie is & some ideas of value for your would-be clients & followers.

So if you have a blog then you know how important it is to have an email list. If not, let me explain.

The only thing that is actually yours as a blogger is a self-hosted website & your email list.

All social media platforms & blog/website platforms like Wix for example are not yours & they can decide to pull the plug at any moment.

If that happens, imagine trying to remember all of your clients and followers off the top of your head.

You would also lose all of your content and anything else on your website.

Your email list is yours, what better way to keep in contact with your clients than that.

Just remember, that whatever freebie/s you decide to go with has to provide amazing value to your client/potential clients.

You gift them something of value & they give you their email address.

If it’s not valuable to them they will keep scrolling & that defeats the purpose.

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Must-Have Freebies That’ll Explode Your Email List

So to find out what they need you can ask in an IG story, create a poll, email them to ask, post about it, check out their website/blog, check their Pinterest page.

There’s a bunch of different ways to find out what they need, you just have to be creative & ask.

Almost all of the examples in this article can be created with an app called Canva.

They have a free version & a paid version as well that’s totally worth the small price.

Below is a really quick list of ideas to help you out.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for some of the affiliate programs listed below. This means that if you decide to click on a link and sign-up or purchase a product, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Must-Have Freebies That’ll Explode Your Email List

1- Printables

What mom do you know that doesn’t keep a list? Hardly any.

Some examples of printables would be templates, cheat sheets, checklist, guide, worksheets & resource lists.

Also, meal planning, content planning, calendars, cleaning charts, tracking lists & workbooks to name a few.

Most of these examples in this article can be created with an app called Canva

The list is endless but that’s just a small list, believe it or not.

2- e-Book

I know it sounds intimidating but E-Books are actually not as difficult as it seems & ANYONE can write an E-Book.

A lot of readers, bloggers, etc. love E-Books because they’re super practical.

Some E-Book title ideas are self-help, quick tips, quick guides, blogging tips, how-to, etc.

The possibilities are endless, you just have to do a good brainstorm or brain dump to find ideas to create a good E-Book for your followers.

3- e-Course/Challenge

Another great freebie is an email course or email challenge. It’s a free way to learn something new for your business.

They are usually quick courses, so no time wasted.

Although you also have the opportunity to make the course a little longer, maybe 2 weeks or so.

The course can be offered on a platform named Teachable or you can just send it to them through an automated email.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving because you can offer a free course & then also offer a broader paid course in the future as well.

They get a glimpse of what you have to teach them & they come back to you to learn more.

4- Graphics

Graphics are good to offer to people who are comfortable with & have awesome design skills.

Some examples of graphics to offer are blog post graphics, social media & stock photos.

People are always looking for amazing graphics for their blog posts, social media posts, etc. to save time.

They would jump at the chance of someone helping them create graphics for their projects.

5- How-To Videos

I haven’t actually tried this because I can’t even get myself to do a live video on social media. 

True story, check out my social media page, not there yet! lol

However, a quick video packed with information is a good way to obtain their email address for your list.

I  personally love learning something quick for my business, or anything with a quick video tutorial.

6- Coupon Codes

I haven’t put this one to the test either because I don’t sell products, I’m a blogger, also a Virtual Assistant specializing in Pinterest Management.

However, if you sell products you can totally offer a discount to your clients/customers in exchange for their email address.

You want people to buy your products & who doesn’t love a good discount.

It’s a great way to market your products too.

7- Blogging/Email Tips

I know when I started blogging & probably always, I took full advantage of blogging tips by email.

You can type up a quick list of really helpful tips for bloggers, virtual assistants, or whatever your niche is.

Remember, your freebies have to be niche specific & super valuable to attract your ideal client, that’s the whole purpose of freebies.

blogging tips and tricks

Last but not least for Must-Have Freebies That’ll Explode Your Email List

8- Templates

I saved this one for last because, like me, a lot of people rely on templates to get the job done.

Most of the examples I just listed in this article, would be perfect templates to offer your readers.

Everything from ebooks, printables, workbooks, checklists, graphics & so much more.

There you have it, now all you have to do is get creative and offer those freebies.

Feel free to add any feedback or questions in the comment section below.

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