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Must-Have Guide to Pinterest Keyword Search

Must-Have Guide to Pinterest Keyword Search

In “Must-Have Guide to Pinterest Keyword Search,” I will give you my favorite keyword search hacks.

Although for you to be able to master Pinterest SEO & Keyword Search, you need to understand Pinterest first.

If you’ve read my previous articles, then you already know that Keyword Search is essential to Pinterest Success.

You also know that Pinterest is NOT a Social Media Platform.

It is actually a Visual Search Engine.

The best way to explain is if Instagram and Google had a baby, it would be Pinterest, lol.

I know, that’s a strange way to put it but I bet it makes more sense to you now!

Must-Have Guide to Pinterest Keyword Search

I’ve been doing tons of research and just trying to figure out different ways to successfully but easily perform a keyword search.

I narrowed it down to 3 for now, until I figure out a new hack to add to the list.

1- Search Bar

2- Trends Feature

3- Create Ad (menu option)

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Must-Have Guide to Pinterest Keyword Search

1- Search Bar

When you use the search bar, you have to remember to type what your specific audience would type if they were searching for something.

Try to be as specific as possible when searching so that you get the best possible keywords.

Once you type what you’re searching for in the search bar, you will see a bunch of colorful, little oval-like, bubbles with words in them.

Those bubbles are specifically created for your search, the ones that come up first in line to the left are more commonly used, or more popular.

The ones to the right are more niche specific.

If you click on one of the bubbles, you’ll see it gets added to your search.

It’s not recommended to use them all, too much of anything is not good.

However, it’s super important to niche down, so use the bubbles to your advantage.

2- Trends Feature

The Trends Feature is a newly rolled out Pinterest feature.

It benefits audiences in the USA & has not been rolled out in other countries as of yet.

So when you type it’ll take you to a page that looks like this image below.

The boards that pop up are what’s trending at that moment.

Go ahead and click on any of those boards, scroll down & you’ll see “Related Terms” or Keywords.

These terms/keywords are a useful insight into what people are searching for.

Also, how people search as far as what exact keywords & phrases they use.

It’s useful because you see what’s trending or popular so you can create blog content/post ideas from that as well.

3- Create Ad (menu option)

Now we can talk about Creating Ads.

You can use this feature as a keyword search as well.

Only you don’t finish creating the ad all the way through to the end, so you’re not creating the ad, just using it to your benefit.

First, click on Ads then Create Ad.

That will take you to the next page below where you’re going to click Targeting then scroll down to Keywords.

I then typed my keyword in the “Search for Related Keywords” section to the right, “Beauty Blog Ideas” and immediately, keywords pop up with monthly search amounts.

It’s another really clever way to find more keywords and use them for your pins and their descriptions.

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I hope this helps you, these are just things that I’ve learned & been taught along the way.

If you have any other tips or feedback, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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Must-Have Guide to Pinterest Keyword Search

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