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Must-Have Supplies for Virtual Learning

Must-Have Supplies for Virtual Learning

It’s almost time to go back to school, probably virtually, so I put together this article, “Must-Have Supplies for Virtual Learning,” to help you prepare.

Let’s face it, with all of the unexpected changes due to covid-19, I know that a lot of parents/guardians are stressing out about what they need, to be able to successfully teach their kids from home.

I myself have 3 kids, a college student opting for online classes, my 15-year-old is learning via hybrid classes & my 12-year-old is learning 100% virtually from home. 

It’s definitely stressful, to say the least, but if you prepare, that should take away some of the pressure.

Keep reading, “Must-Have Supplies for Virtual Learning,” for more information.

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Must-Have Supplies for Virtual Learning

1- Laptop

You will definitely need a Chromebook (laptop) or desktop computer. I prefer a laptop because it’s portable.

In case they want to move from one spot to another, to avoid losing interest.

Also, always have the charger for the laptop at hand, so that the battery doesn’t die in the middle of class/work. 

With that, you will also need a good Wi-Fi connection for service.

2- School Supplies

Stock up on all of the basic school supplies, everything from pencils, printer paper, math grid paper, erasers, crayons you name it.

Just because it’s virtual schooling, doesn’t mean everything will be done online.

Some assignments might have to be done on paper, projects, etc.

Must-Have Supplies for Virtual Learning

3- Printer

A good basic all in one printer is a must-have for school work to be printed out.

I say all-in-one because you will need to print out the work and scan it to send it back via email or fax.

Trust me, it will make your life a lot easier.

I recently bought an HP OfficeJet 5255 All-in-One Printer with Mobile Printing & I’m obsessed with how easy & practical it is to use.

4- White Board

A whiteboard is perfect to give demonstrations, write daily class schedules, rules, assignments & more!

Remember, you want everything organized and set up daily, to avoid any distractions or confusion.

The last thing you want is interruptions because they keep getting up or are not set up properly.

5- Noise Cancelling Headphones

They will definitely need noise-canceling headphones to help keep them from being distracted by background noise.

Many different stores like Best Buy & Walmart sell them at different price ranges.

If your child/student is anything like me, they might prefer a mouse instead of a touchpad so make sure you have that for their laptop.

Must-Have Supplies for Virtual Learning

6- Desk

A good quiet workspace with a comfortable desk is also essential for learning & comfort.

They definitely need a space that is dedicated to school.

Again, you want them comfortable and focused, for a better, stress-free learning experience.

Must-Have Supplies for Virtual Learning

7- Patience

Unfortunately, I don’t have a link or special offer for patience but it’s probably the most important one.

Remember, this is only temporary, try to make the most of it.

We can all get overwhelmed and have bad moments, but don’t let it take over your day.

I don’t want my kids to only remember mommy’s meltdowns. lol

So, be patient, breathe through it, prepare, and don’t forget to give yourself credit, you got this!

Below are some links to get you started!

Hope these tips and links help you start the upcoming school year a little smoother.

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