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picture of a lady with writers' block has no ideas to type seriously this lockdown gave me writers' block

Seriously, This Lockdown Gave Me Writer’s Block

Seriously, this lockdown gave me writer’s block. Is anyone else feeling like they can’t concentrate? I mean we’re sitting at home all day, every day.

No work, we can’t visit friends or family because that’s just too much of a risk. There are no self-care outings like getting our hair or nails done.

Not to mention typical things like going to get groceries is no fun anymore.

I sit and stare at my laptop, just unclear on what I’m going to write. A million thoughts come and go but nothing.

Every thought crossing mind from what I’m going to make the kids for lunch, then dinner to what school assignment is due next.

Then after that, I’m wondering what bills are to be paid & fantasizing about where I’m going to go when this is all over.

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picture of a overwhelmed mom spilling milk on cereal seriously this lockdown gave me writers' block

I’ve discovered on this lockdown, that I’m a terrible homeschool teacher

I have wholeheartedly enjoyed my kid’s company.

However, having teens & pre-teens roaming around 24/7 bored is not ideal.

They are overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be completed for school.

Speaking of work for school, I am a terrible homeschool teacher. I absolutely despise Math.

Let’s not even get into reading and writing.

Well, in my defense, it’s different when YOU’RE writing what you love vs trying to get a teenager to write when they don’t want to,

“For the love of pearl just write the darn essay!!”

picture of a little girl pouting does not want to do her homework seriously this lockdown gave me writers' block

Working from home just isn’t the same with writer’s block

I work from home while they’re in school, so them being home lately has thrown me for a loop.

Many times as a Pinterest Manager & Virtual Assistant, I have to jump on to client calls. Most of those calls are video chats.

Imagine trying to conduct a call while you’re kids are in the background arguing about who has more school assignments to complete.

I’m laughing as I type this! Thankfully, my clients are moms who blog like me, so they can relate & understand.

picture of a mom being distracted by kids while on a call seriously this lockdown gave me writers' block

Wi-Fi has been our saving grace

I will say, THANK GOODNESS for Wi-Fi giving us access to the internet for things like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu & Spotify.

I can’t begin to tell you how many dance parties we’ve had amidst all of the madness.

Also, the movies we’ve caught up on during the weekends & nights especially.

Not only that but I’ve been able to use Spotify to listen to podcasts once everyone is in bed or the early morning hours before the kids get up.

picture of a family dancing in the living room seriously this lockdown gave me writers' block

This lockdown gave me writer’s block but it also gave me a new outlook on life.

With all of that being said, I also take the good from the bad/difficult in everything.

Yes, this lockdown has been the pits but it’s also taught me to enjoy the little things.

We’ve become so consumed with a fast life, work, things to do.

Enjoy your surroundings, family, the people around you.

Make time separately to get work done, and know that it probably won’t be the same amount of work as it used to be. 

Get the important stuff done, everything else can wait. Let your clients/customers know so that they’re aware of what to expect.

Yes, there will be moments of frustration, life isn’t perfect but you learn from it and move on. Don’t stay stuck in the rut.

Stay home, be safe/healthy, stay positive & when this lockdown is over, seriously, “Stop & smell the roses.” 

picture of a girl smelling a rose with a reflection of a rainbow across her face

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