If you have a business & are trying to use Pinterest to lead potential buyers to your blog/website with no real direction on how to use it, then this post is for you.  Below I list the 3 Pillars of Pinterest Success. It’s time to take your business to the next level. Keep reading to learn more. 

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The 3 Pillars of Pinterest Success

Pillar #1 of The 3 Pillars of Pinterest Success- Keywords

Let’s start by discussing keywords and why they are crucial to Pinterest and you having success. Hence, why it’s #1 of “The 3 Pillars of Pinterest Success.”

If you use Pinterest, you know that it’s a huge smorgasbord. I mean, it has everything from recipes, fashion, DIY, you name it, Pinterest has it.

However, it is not a social media platform, rather a search engine. The best way I can explain it is, “if Google & Instagram had a baby, it would be Pinterest.”

So, in order for Pinterest to grow the way it has, you need pins & to get those pins around the world, you need pinners.

One of the biggest ways to get the pin around the world LITERALLY is with (board) keywords.

Keywords are used to help pinners (potential clients) find the information/content they’re looking for, by adding exact words pertaining to their NICHE. 

For instance, if you’re looking for chocolate cake recipes, some of your keywords would be chocolate cake, chocolate cake recipes, how to make a chocolate cake & more.

If you’re looking to starting a blog, your keywords would be, start a blog, how to start a blog, tips on how to start a blog.

Without the keywords, your pin will just sit around in limbo somewhere.

Instead of actually being found and re-pinned to get you those leads, that eventually turn into paying clients.

Also, make sure to use some of those keywords in your pin description. With that being said, get to work on those keywords.

keywords for Pinterest, search keywords for Pinterest, 4 pillars of Pinterest success

The 3 Pillars of Pinterest Success

Pillar #2- Visuals That ACTUALLY Convert

Next, let’s get into visuals. Pinterest reads everything you put into your account.

Including the color & creativity of your pins so CREATE, CREATE, CREATE.

My advice, from personal experience, is to use Canva to create your pins, profile cover, board covers & more.

They have a free version option that I used for my Pinterest account a lot.

I now pay for it but you can definitely start with the free version of it for now and then, if you are as pleased with it as I am, you can upgrade later on down the line when it’s convenient for you.

Canva is super easy to use, they also have templates. It’s easier to create a template with your brand colors/font & use that for your pins.

This saves you time & makes it easier to be consistent with your brand. 

When creating pins the norm is to use 2 fonts maximum.

Make sure that the pin reflects what the blog/website/business is about & be creative.

Use bright, vivid colors that catch potential clients’ attention.

Also, make sure you use clear, visible fonts and that your message is clear to readers.

be creative

A little bonus tip from yours truly: When thinking about branding, pick colors that match and are bold!! Make sure you remember that your pin needs to be highly irresistible and should match your brand. You want to catch their attention in such a way, that they can’t help but to click on your pin, & make it all the way to your website/blog/podcast, etc. You want them to actually want whatever it is that you provide whether it’s services, product, etc. so pick the right colors.

The 3 Pillars of Pinterest Success

Pillar #3- Consistency/Time

Now, last but not least, onto pillar #3 of “The 3 Pillars of Pinterest Success.”

Consistency/time & understanding why they’re so important to your business thriving. 

Ladies, YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP. The more you pin, the more traffic you will get.

Say it with me, “THE MORE I PIN, THE MORE TRAFFIC I WILL GET.” Take the time to pin every day.

If time is something you don’t have much of, like me, being a working mom, etc., then I definitely suggest using a scheduling app.

I recommend Tailwind until your business really takes off.

Once your business does take off and your workload increases, and it will, you should consider hiring a Pinterest Manager.  

When I say consistency, that also means from your brand to your pinning patterns.

Your pins should be consistent with your brand including fonts, colors, everything.

Secondly, you should pin as often as possible at least daily with plenty of freshly created pins constantly.

Like I mentioned above, Pinterest reads everything.

This includes your keywords, board/pin titles, pin descriptions, board covers, profile cover, profile photo & every pin you save.

Make sure it speaks of your brand and YOUR NICHE. Ok, be like the CUTE baby below and take the time to be consistent.

That pretty much sums up, The 3 Pillars of Pinterest Success.

I hope this article gave you a little bit more understanding of how Pinterest works.

It can be very tricky and take a lot of time but it’s not impossible. Keep pinning & creating.

Would you rather hire a Pinterest Manager for your busy team? Feel free to contact me.

I’m a VA specializing in Pinterest Management.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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The 3 Pillars of Pinterest Success

16 thoughts on “The 3 Pillars of Pinterest Success”

  1. Such a great read! High converting visuals are SO important for Pinterest success, and something most people push aside/don’t make time for. Thanks for sharing the 3 Pillars… so helpful! XO, Fallon

  2. You did an outstanding job on explaining in detail what these 3 pillars are and I’m so excited after reading this! I believe I’m going to take an hour today just to create new and fresh content and start pinning away! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your emphasis on “you have to show up and pin” is oh so true because if people don’t take action (talking to myself too), the first two won’t even matter. Good article.

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