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Why You Need a Keyword Master List Cheatsheet

I see you’re here because you also forget your keywords, so I put together this quick article, “Why You Need a Keyword Master List Cheatsheet” for an easy fix to that problem.

I also created a FREE Keyword Master List Cheatsheet for you, so you don’t have to waste precious time creating it yourself.

Keep reading to learn more.

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Why You Need a Keyword Master List Cheatsheet

1- Never Forget a Keyword Again

Do you ever forget your keywords and have to go back and edit a pin to add it?

It’s so frustrating to be in the middle of optimizing your Pinterest boards/pin keywords & you can’t remember them off the top of your head.

I always forget a few of them and they’re usually the most important ones.

After months of jotting them down on post-it’s, I gave up.

I decided to create a quick and easy go-to master list with, no more forgetting keywords.

Why You Need a Keyword Master List Cheatsheet

2- Stop Reusing the Same Keywords for Pin Titles

Have you noticed that you repeat the same pin titles over and over?

I know I used to and it ruined my Pinterest traffic.

We all know how hard it is to get that traffic to increase again.

This is another reason why I created my master list because my pin titles were repetitive.

One of the main components of amazing Pinterest traffic is fresh pins daily and variety.

Now with the easy to use keyword master list I created, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Why You Need a Keyword Master List Cheatsheet

3- Keep Your Keywords Organized in One Place

One of the main things that are absolutely crucial for any blogger is organization.

Heck, it’s important in every aspect of life!

That’s the best part of this list.

You just write down your main/broad keyword then underneath, list your more niche-specific keyword description.

Keep your sheet in the same place always, away from the babies and furbabies. 

I created the cheat sheet with an amazing app called Canva.

I like to save the cheat sheet in a binder inside a plastic sleeve/sheet protector.

You decide where and how you prefer to save your cheatsheet.

Easy Peasy!

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Why You Need a Keyword Master List Cheatsheet

Why You Need a Keyword Master List Cheatsheet

I hope this article and cheatsheet help you keep your keywords organized.

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I specialize in Pinterest Management & Strategy.

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